Training facilities

and models

Training facilities and models

Training facilities with focus on learning

Training facilities with focus on learning

I have trained firefighters around the world and I have seen most types of training facilities that exist. But I have also seen the wrong behaviors created when the training environment fails to reflect reality.

This experience gives me a possibility and a belief that I can build better facilities to train firefighting.

I can help you with this:

  • Initially identifying which limitations exists in, space, environmental restrictions, health or budget.
  • Give an overview of the benefits and drawbacks using different types of building materials and constructions.
  • Assist with choosing the right fuel type, for instance wood, HVO or propane.
  • Designing elements for practicing various skills or methods.
  • Create a draft 3D-drawing on a possible facility.
  • Leave an estimate for the construction of the facility together with local partners.

Contact me if you would like to create better training!


Models that last

Using models is a must to run effective and efficient firefighting training. Models are often better for showing visual ques compared to full scale training. And with models it is possible to experiment with actions and outcomes for interactive learning.

But wood models may be expensive and time consuming to build. By using reusable models it is possible to train more often, longer and repeatable at a lower cost.

Contact me if you are interested in models that last!