Join an open course!

Distanskurs brandinstruktörer

Bygga och genomföra bättre brandövningar

Detta är en distanskurs som är riktad till svenska brandinstruktörer. Kursen syftar till att öka förmågan att bygga och genomföra övningar för brandmän och befäl kring brand i byggnad.

Kursen sker via inspelade filmer som deltagaren kan se när det passar.

Pris per deltagare: 5000 kr.

Questions and answers:

How to join an open entry course?

Contact me and I will answer all your questions, you can find my contact details here.

Generic plan for joining an open entry course:

  1. Ask if there are spots left open on the course.
  2. Pay the registration fee, which is about 15% of the course fee.
  3. Join the course and challenge yourself!
What is included in the course fee?

Usually the course fee covers the course itself, equipment needed and food during the training hours.

Are these instructor courses?

Yes and no.

Step 3 courses are designed especially for fire instructors.

Step 1 and step 2 courses are suited for all firefighters and officers that wants to expand their knowledge. Espacially the LARGE courses deliver many valuable ideas and a lot of knowledge which will be very useful for instructors. But the courses do not allow enough time for the participants to practice all the elements required to be a good instructor.

Is it possible to get a package deal if we sign up many participants?


If you have many participants I suggest that you book me for your own course instead. Take a look at the available suggestions here.

Who is the instructor or instructors?

Lars Axelsson, previous Lars Ågerstrand, is a former firefighter, captain and battalion chief from Sweden. Today, Lars is training firefighters all over the world.

Depending on needs, Lars may also involve some of the best instructors in the world in the course.

On which languages may a course be delivered?

Lars speaks Swedish and English.

Unless otherwise stated, the course will be conducted in English.

Is there a possibillity that the course is cancelled?


If there is not enough participants, the course may be cancelled. The registration fee is then returned back to you.

What happens if Lars becomes sick in the days before the course?

If Lars becomes sick and unable to conduct the course, another instructor will teach the course.

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