What is going on with Firenerd Academy?

Firenerd Academy is my pet project. It is where I try to summarize my thoughts on firefighting in educational form.

April 2018

GDPR – It sure made some things harder!

In the end of May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being enforced. It applies to everyone within, or anyone interacting with people in the EU. And it basically states that if you store or publish a picture of a EU citizen, or write any identifiable details about them, anywhere, without their consent, you are committing a crime. There are details to this of course, but if you do not know what GDPR is you should probably read up on it.

Bye bye Firegear and lots of other stuff.

So how does this affect me? Well I have go through all my content and find identifiable (audio, video or text) individuals to get their written consent in a legally binding document. But both going through all the content, and then getting written consent from everyone, is simply too time consuming. So I have taken the only possible action, and that is to delete most content. For example my old Firegear youtube channel is now empty, over 600 videos gone and many memories with it.

Is GDPR all bad?

No not at all, it is actually very good. It is a very much needed law to protect people’s privacy and rights to not exist in different databases. It is just that many are freaking out right now. Even your older private pictures on Facebook containing your EU-friends, will be illegal unless you obtain their explicit consent.

Does this affect the Firenerd Academy?

Yes it does, it means that some content is as of now useless. And I am also unsure how to treat real fire videos from the EU where people are shown; they are most likely illegal to use. It is a complicated topic and the outcomes are not entirely clear. But it will change what and how I can do things. And it will slow things down for now.
Lars Axelsson - The Swedish Firenerd

February 2018

I wish I would have figured out firefighting by now, that countless hours of reading, listening and watching would make everything line up perfectly. But it seems like there is always some new information that changes my perception of the truth. And when my thoughts evolve, the content for the Academy has to change too.

Right now I am working on a couple of topics. One of those is the basic physics and chemistry for firefighters. For that content I needed to visualize the difference between different fuels at fires, like synthetic and natural materials. So I made new video variations of ULFRSI:s excellent research and data on the difference between what they call the Legacy and Modern fire environment. Do you also want to use the videos? In that case you have to subscribe to my newsletter where you will get more good content like this.

Damn this is hard!

The content also covers what temperature, heat, specific heat capacity, mass, weight, density, thermal energy, thermal inertia and other key concepts are. Before I started the task I thought it was a good topic to cover for me, not only is it very much needed but also fairly easy. Boy was I wrong. I am surprised how hard it is to explain many of the concepts, sometimes due to very vague definitions of the concepts to start with. Many of the concepts are simplified models for how things are working. And when I try to discover what the true answer is, the rabbit hole quickly deepens. But in the end I will understand it better which will allow me to explain it better.

At some point I will release a pilot topic (maybe the basic physics and chemistry for firefighters) to the subscribers of my newsletter and ask for feedback. They will be an important part of the academy by helping me challenge the content and make it better.

Challenge everything! / Lars

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